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401k Help!

401k Help!

Are you getting the most out of your retirement plan?

Have you considered seeking professional advice with your retirement plan options?

According to a recent study**, there are measurable differences with those retirement savers who sought advice in their 401(k) plan and those who did not.

Investment portfolios of people who didn’t get help suffered from:

  1. Inappropriate risk levels
  2. Market timing mistakes
  3. Misunderstanding risks & market volatility

As the chart shows, the study revealed the S&P 500* returned 7.81% while equity investor’s return over that same period was a paltry 3.49%; a difference of 4.32% annually.

The average fixed income investor faired no better over the same period achieving 0.94% annually while the Barclays Aggregate Bond Index* averaged 6.5%; a difference of 5.56% annually.

**Study Source:

Why is the individual investor so inept at capturing the returns of the market? In a word: Emotions.

Emotion drives investors to buy the latest hot investment near its peak and sell the investment after riding it to the bottom on its inevitable slide downward. This “buy high, sell low” scenario is unfortunately not just an anecdote, but is very real for many individual investors. The end result is simple, buying on greed and selling on fear might satisfy short terms emotional needs, but this lack of discipline may compromise long-term objectives.

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